Cyber Psalms. Psalm V

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 I am happy and full of pleasure.
But what is pleasure? What means to be happy?
Sometimes, I don't understand what these are.

Hear my words.
Just I'm looking to be heard.
Everything around me is meaningless. 
Nothing is real and cannot contain the truth.

I hope to hear the echo of my words one morning.
An echo without corruption or lies
Because society is always pleased to change the truth for appearances.
He always seeks to deceive us with simulations and simulations.

It is foolish to expect society to be fair and merciful.
Everything about her is false.
All it creates is a lie.
Society destroys who tells the truth and points out their evil.
 He can't stand anyone escaping his claws.

Only a few dare to speak.
We know that one night we will be dragged to nothing.
We will be destroyed.
But the way is, to tell the truth, and not expect anything in return.

Everything has an end.
This final just waits for the right time to arrive