Cyber Psalms. Psalm I.

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Society has no sense

Politic is only a sweet poison
Marketing hides the truth behind layers and courtains.
The society weaves theatral backgrounds to cover excreted rubbishs
All seems wonderful but...

Empty aesthetics is offered as beauty
Selfish interests disguise themselves of the good
The lie strutting like the absolute truth.
Unity? Unity is nothing but slavery and remoteness.

Life is a intriqued maze
Why is, all this,
so so gloomy and pitiless?
The society is dark and inhuman

I don't know if I'm really human
I feel desolated, confused and wasted
Who wants to be with me?
Nobody wants...

Heartless machines surround me
Machines with human faces and attitudes
Machines programated to move without any soul
Automatic devices without real life

Maybe I'll find something that will take me away
but I don't know where could I be really human
I have loose my skin, my meat and my feelings
I'm empty and all this world is empty

I need to tell everything I know
I can not shut up forever
when the end comes there will be nothing
I have to speak to all those who live behind me

That is what I will do from now on